Friday, 24 April 2009


Years ago during a regular trip to Ikea I passed a house in Burlington that had Adirondacks for sale on the front lawn. This lovely old man made them in his garage and sold them as a hobby. He had a good 40 or 50 spread out to chose from, and would make any style or colour. Well, I went home with four of them, and they have been in our back yard ever since. Sadly, they have not been treated so well. I have never taken them indoors over a winter, and so what were once beautiful cedar chairs are now that grey colourless wood. With broken bits here and there.

Benjamin Moore to the rescue, this weekend they will get a much needed face lift. And this is my inspiration:


Let's hope we get good weather!!


  1. It's supposed to be gorgeous this weekend......I have no plans at ALL so I would love to help if you need me.
    We can paint and

  2. Yes please!! Company always makes painting better...and we happen to be master painters ;)

  3. I never knew this was the name for these kind of chairs...I just always called them "Muskoka chairs" ha ha.

    hope they turn out great!

    Wish I was there to help!


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