Monday, 13 April 2009


The last few days have been just a little on the hectic side.

We didn't want to say too much here, only because you never know, things being conditional and all of that.

But, we have officially sold our house! Technically, it sold within 2 days. Unreal. We had to wait a bit for the conditions to be met, but tomorrow night we get confirmation of all conditions waved. On June 8th, I will see Frankie and Mary for the last time.

In addition to this glorious news, we also found our new house! We went house hunting twice. The first time, we saw 7 pretty brutal places. On our second try, with the help of our amazing agent Dave Howitt, we found the house of our dreams on our 2nd viewing. Within an hour we made an offer, and they accepted it right away! We only have the listing pictures at this point, but here is a picture of our new home-to-be:

Our New House!

We're totally in love with this place. A little paint is all it really needs. It's on a really quiet side street on the west mountain. And just you all wait until you see my new kitchen. For the first time since living with my parents some 10 years ago I have a dishwasher!!!! Not to mention brand new Ikea cabinets!! And a driveway...and a pond...oh the list goes on.

More pictures to come soon! YAYYYY!!!!!!


  1. we're going to have to coordinate the good bye house party and the house warming party with my house warming party and my birthday party.
    i see a lot of parties in our future...especially with you living 5 minutes away from me :D

  2. I am so happy that everything is working out so wonderfully for you two. Sometimes people have to wait months for things to come together, but I see its true...good things do happen to good people...a few more months and another chapter in your life will begin. CONGRADULATIONS !!!

  3. You two deserve all the happiness in the world....



    Ash is right..I do see a lot of parties in the near future.

    Love you both!


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