Wednesday, 27 May 2009

And so it continues, the quest for the perfect couch.

At first, I was set on a nice, modern leather couch. After several shopping trips, I’m coming to discover that it’s not that simple. I’m thinking that I want it to look a little less Leon’s, and a little more Pottery Barn (like the picture below). Sadly, I’m not actually willing to sink $3,000 into a single piece of furniture, knowing we have so many other things we want to buy. And Pottery Barn never works with a budget.


So, in order to keep the style and shape that I want, I think fabric is where I will have to make changes. Up until now, I haven’t even considered a fabric upholstered couch, but the search is expanding effective immediately.

EQ3Tomorrow after work we’re going to venture to EQ3 to see what sorts of options we have there. Their prices are actually great, and from the looks of the site, you can customize it with fabric colours. So now, we just have to see if their couches feel like cardboard or not.

To go with my pale grey walls…I’m thinking of looking for a charcoal gray tweed type fabric. I know it sounds like a lot of grey, but trust me, it will look very cool when it’s all done. So it’s all about the shape of the couch, and the comfiness. Here are a few styles that I’m liking the look of. Tomorrow night we’ll be on the road, testing some out. I have to make sure my couch rule is met – it should always be comfy enough to sleep on.





Via EQ3


  1. Oh I like the first leather one!

    Good luck!!..I think finding good furniture of any kind is a mission and a half...

  2. I love the style of the leather one.....but I think the second upholstered option is very close in design.

    I like the look of leather but it might be too cold in winter and too sweaty in summer???


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