Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Book Review - Goldengrove

Golden Grove

Via Amazon

Just finished this book and it was actually quite good. A little on the younger side, but in a sort of grownup Twilight way (minus the vampire romance). Here is the description they have on Amazon:

"In Prose's deeply touching and absorbing 15th novel, narrator Nico, 13, comes upon Gerard Manley Hopkins's Spring and Fall in her father's upstate New York bookstore, also named Goldengrove. It's the summer after her adored older sister, Margaret—possessed of beauty, a lovely singing voice and a poetic nature—casually dove from a rowboat in a nearby lake and drowned. In emotive detail, Nico relates the subsequent events of that summer. Nico was a willing confidant and decoy in Margaret's clandestine romance with a high school classmate, Aaron, and Nico now finds that she and Aaron are drawn to each other in their mutual bereavement. Unhinged by grief, Nico's parents are distracted and careless in their oversight of Nico, and Nico is deep in perilous waters before she realizes that she is out of her depth."

Truth be told, yes, it was a tad depressing, but the best books usually are. But between the sadness there is a great story. Give this one a try!

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