Tuesday, 19 May 2009

How I love a good long weekend.

It's work time again, and I have a bad cause of the Monday (err, Tuesday) blues. Even a long weekend doesn't feel long enough. But, alas, here I am. 4 days till it's the weekend again.

We had a really good time this weekend overall. It all started out on Friday night, dinner and drinks with Corinne and Kris, what am awesome night it was! You would think that no time had passed at all since Corinne and I last saw each other, it was so amazing to see her and catch up. Nearly all of my childhood memories include her, so it's pretty awesome having her around again! And Kris is absolutely perfect for her! We traded proposal stories, talked about our hideous neighbours (and their rather rowdy neighbours too), and there was of course lots and lots of wedding talk, my favourite kind. I can't WAIT to see Corinne in her wedding dress, she's going to be stunning!!

Saturday was a pretty low key day, we rented the movie Smother which I highly recommend if you're a Diane Keaton fan like me.  I got started on my dining room table project, removing all of the old stain. This is actually my 2nd to last before-we-move project!

Sunday was a barbeque at Jay & Ash's place. After burgers and home fries we walked up to the top pf the Reservoir by their place for some fireworks. It was a little chilly, but really fun!

The rest of the weekend was more movies (S. Darko, which was great if you were able to appreciate the weirdness of Donnie Darko, and Passengers, which was just plain weird), finishing up the dining room table project, and taking Cohen on a nice long walk. I'm trying to soak up all of our downtown favourite spots, because soon it will all be new places for us to explore! (Ok, so it's like 5 minutes away, but still).


  1. So glad you had fun with Corrine and Kris!

    How did the table turn out??


  2. The table looks amazing! We did two coats of stain and now we just need to do a few coats of a nice glossy polyurethane. Wait till you see it! (Billy thinks it looks exactly the same as it did, but he is WRONG)


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