Friday, 22 May 2009

In addition to the house countdown...

..we have a new computer countdown going too.

Our desktop is old and not really usable, and the laptop we bought a few years back has died too. It needs a new harddrive or battery or something like that. So, it too can no longer be used.

We didn't want to bother buying one before the move just to have to move it, so we've been waiting, not too patiently, until the new house.  We're thinking of buying one of the HP Pavillion Elite's with the nice big screens, they are so pretty!


Via HP

It's going to be hard to focus on all of the painting we have to do...knowing this baby is sitting there waiting to be used. Maybe we should just leave it in the box till we're done. Ya. Right.


  1. Ah, this is my screen. You will love it.
    I watched a movie on it last weekend - and it was fantastic.

  2. Dad and I did a house drive-by of our own this
    The red maple is INCREDIBLE....and lots of plants in the front yard. Imagine what the back looks like!!!!!

  3. You can check out the back if you pull in the church parking

  4. Norine!!! Are we becoming stalkers???

  5. hmmmm, don't think it can officially be called stalking if they don't live there yet..but it might be if we all do drive-by after Plus...can mothers really be stalkers?....I prefer to call it concerned parenting...or just plain nosiness...I can deal with that


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