Monday, 4 May 2009

My new gadget

On Sunday we took a trip to Home Depot and did some more window shopping for the new house. So much to buy, it's a little overwhelming. But right now we can just take our time, compare prices, that sort of thing.

So far I'm doing great on the 'before we move' project list. I completed 3 paintings for our new living room on Saturday, they turned out perfect! My next project is a messy one....refinishing the dining room table top and the wood chair in the living room. The supplies have all been purchased now, stain, brushed, polyurethane. And a more recent addition to our tool collection, this adorable sander.

Black & Decker Sander

Yes, these things to excite me. It would excite me even more if you could get them in different colours, but whatever.

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