Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Our Moving To-Do List

Yes, of course I have a moving checklist. So far, here it is. I'm sure it will end up ten miles long before our closing date gets here!

- Get rid of all extra clutter that we don’t want to take with us (old bits of wood, my now broken elliptical machine, etc.)
- Arrange for change in Home Insurance Policy
- Have ADT disconnected for closing date
- Contact Union Gas and Hamilton Hydro
- Set up new home telephone and internet
- Cancel Rogers home phone and internet
- Finish up home projects:
  • Adirondack chairs
  • Living room paintings
  • Kitchen chalk board
  • Dining room table
  • Living room chair

- Set up mail forwarding through Canada Post
- Plan a ‘first night’ package for personal things
- Pack a moving essentials box for supplies we’ll need right away (garbage bags, scissors, light bulbs, etc.)
- Request time off from work
- Start packing things we don’t use often
- Reserve truck(s)
- Contact Ikea, Home Depot and Visa
- Update TD contact info online
- Transfer prescriptions to a closer Shoppers
- Pick up new living room curtains/rod if possible
- Pack up remaining things, labeling clearly
- Make sure fridge is empty
- Pick up dog poop (the joys of puppy ownership)
- Leave note for new owners (new address for stray mail and congrats on your new house sort of thing)


  1. looks like you've got everything under control! I'm so excited for you guys :)

    I know you guys are super busy, but when you get a chance, would you please let me know what Stag n Doe ticket numbers i gave you guys to sell off? I've totally lost my mind and can't find the piece of paper i wrote it down on!

    thanks so much hun ! Great seeing you guys briefly the other day :)

  2. ur list is missing
    * ikea trips with ash
    * goodbye house party
    and * plan the new house party
    those are the most important part!!!! hehehe

  3. p.s. drop off two stag and doe tickets for us!

  4. Also missing:
    *waving gleefully goodbye to neighbours
    *a last coffee date with your Mom before you become a Mountain girl
    *tea, beer, etc for the moving helpers
    *stop by parent's place to pick up Barbies, Barbie house and Barbie clothes (that's according to Dad)! lol



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