Tuesday, 2 June 2009

An in-between couch?

After some consideration, we have decided to proceed with the EQ3 couch, and wait out the weeks to have this couch custom made. It's so perfect, and if we settle for something else we'll always regret it.

Billy had a pretty brilliant idea of buying an inexpensive futon to act as a temporary couch while we wait for it to arrive. It may not actually be here until September, so it makes perfect sense. And it's a far better idea than mine (draw a couch on the wall with chalk).

Temporary Couch

Via Sears

We can get one like this for under $200, and since we often have overnight guests it will always come in handy. And I will look a lot less pathetic watching tv in our upstairs living room on this than I would on my Ikea footstool.


  1. Be careful with those futons though!

    Chris and I bought one when we first moved in to our apartment and someone sat down on the end of it and it crushed the whole end in! it wasn't even a super hard sit-down or anything...but the couch was garbage after that.

    Other than that it was super cute and comfy too! lol

  2. That's so weird!! When I was first out living on my own I had a futon and I LOVED it, it was so comfy! We will only be using it as our couch for a few months though, just till the good one arrives, ha ha :)

  3. it IS a great couch though! very comfy...it weirded me out that it didnt have arms on it hahaha

    i'd always bitch that i had nowhere to rest my arm/head when on it lol

  4. Adriane! I think it's adorable that you blog about in between furniture!

    We miss you guys! Hope all is well!

    <3 Melissa & Carrie

  5. where is this fouton from? is gorgeous


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