Monday, 15 June 2009

Kitchen goes black

Kitchen goes black

More accomplished this weekend! Here is a glimpse of our kitchen mid way through the project. It’s actually finished now and PERFECT! The living room is also fully painted now, so that’s four rooms down, two to go! Should be a piece of cake.

On Saturday we did a big Ikea run, so we’re all set for furniture. The EQ3 couch is ordered, the patio set is set up. Progress!!

This week we have a good size to-do list already in the works. I’m hoping to have all of the painting done by the weekend so I can relax for my holidays which start this Friday!!!

To do:
  • Paint both guest rooms
  • Pick up new light fixture for bathroom
  • Buy garden lights
  • Exchange kitchen chair, master bedroom curtain rod and blinds
  • Set up new TV unit for rec room


  1. the kitchen and everything look amazing!!

  2. ah! amazing! We were thinking about doing our kitchen black too...but now we'll just be copy cats! lol i think i'll pick a new colour haha

    it looks great though :)

  3. Whoo hoo...washer and dryer tomorrow. Give Dad a call when you're ready....

  4. Thanks Norine!!

    And by the way, I heard you're a big fan of the rec room tv stand...I KNEW you would love that thing!

  5. Ha ha, aw, no way, you totally should! Black walls rule! Just make sure you don't get shiny paint, ha ha! We used Benjamin Moore Ulta-Matte, it looks amazing!

  6. I bet it does! I'm thinking i'm going to paint ours match some super sweet dishes i want lol

    your updates make me want my house soo much more than i already do! haha

  7. You need to post the "after" really


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