Monday, 13 July 2009

Oh yeah.

Not too long ago I discovered that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were coming to Toronto very soon. At the exact same time I also discovered that tickets sold out instantly.

Well, after a good week of pouting, I came home Friday to discover that Billy heard on the radio that a second show had been announced. AND, he got tickets.

It may be concert of the year for me. For those of you who don't know the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, have a listen. For those that know you want to hear it anyway.



  1. i LOVE the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! you're lucky! I saw them in toronto at a small club like 5 years ago (wow! that was longer than i thought lol) and they were AMAZING!

    it was her birthday...or someone in the bands birthday, and she had cake...which ended up being smooshed all over the people infront of the stage lol

    i did not get cake on me lol, therefore GOOD SHOW!

  2. You know what is hilarious? I'm pretty sure my old roommate was at that very show, and wasn't quite as lucky as you were, ha ha.


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