Thursday, 17 September 2009

A fall update

It’s official. Another year has flown by. Next thing you know it will be Christmas.

But, until then, it’s glorious fall, the absolute best time of year. Sweaters and hot chocolate and no more reruns. So far, it’s a great one.

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us. Next week I have my second week of holidays for the year (finallyyyy) and we’re kicking that off this Saturday with the Kings of Leon show. We’ll be having dinner and drinks with Rach and Stu before hand which should be great! Planning on Ceilidh House for dinner, Hess is best in the fall if you ask me.

Sunday is our very first wedding anniversary….yep, a whole year gone, just like that! Not too sure yet what the plan is, but we’re thinking Niagara Falls. A little sightseeing, dinner, possibly a haunted house.

The week ahead is wide open in terms of my holidays, but I’m pretty happy about that. Here are my vacation goals that I fully intend on accomplishing:
  1. Sleep for one entire day
  2. Do something spa-ish my Mom
  3. Eat a lot of pop tarts
  4. Plan another house project….perhaps more painting?
  5. Talk Billy into buying a tiny dog, and convince him that no one will think he’s a weirdo for walking one, since he can just laugh and say “It’s my wife’s dog”
  6. Back something fallish. Apple Pie? Something with chestnuts?
  7. Watch at least one episode of Young and the Restless. Laugh at the fact that Nick and Sharon are probably grandparents now, and Victor will for sure have a new wife.
  8. Stay far, far, far away from Upper Ottawa and Fennel

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  1. I can hardly wait for our Spa date!!!!!!!!!


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