Wednesday, 28 October 2009


In the spirit of the season, I have been reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula. What a book it is. Clearly I have been sucked in to the vampire craze, but this is also a really amazing piece of literature, so I’m pretty much in heaven. Dra

Not only has it got me fully in the Halloween mood, but I have also learned several things that I thought I would share:

Lessons learned from Dracula:

1. Diaries were really hip in the 1800’s.

2. Buying real estate without the use of the internet, or open houses, or telephones was a very difficult task.

3. Women were pigeon-holed as silly things that faint a lot and giggle at inappropriate times.

4. There were no strict policies or procedures for performing blood-transfusions. Someone simply had to be willing, and in the room at the time of need.

5. Anything and everything can be cured with a little shot of brandy.


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  1. Re item 2 - can you imagine life without the internet???


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