Wednesday, 7 October 2009

In need of a new project

I have been doing little things here and there around the house, but I'm running out of ideas, and I have a serious itch for a project. Our living room, in particular, I think is missing something. I'm thinking of adding a new light beside the couch (the one in the picture is an oldie...but it works for now).


I was hoping to squeeze a side table in beside the couch as well (with a table lamp on it), but we're pretty sure it will be too cramped. Luckily, my tea seems to balance quite well on the arm of the couch, so it could be worse.

We've also been contemplating those ikea book case lights, like these ones. Still debating that one.


Possible home project ideas I'm mulling over:

- Storage solutions for living room (possibly on wall to the left of bookcases)
- Re-vamping our cd storage (currently a card board box)
- Repainting our bedroom (yes, seriously, so what?)
- Flooring in blue guest room (may be more than I feel like taking on, I'm eager, but not THAT eager)

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