Monday, 26 October 2009

New kitchen, new dishes.

During the whole wedding process, I remember standing in the Bay with my Mom, looking at the china collection they had. The lady told me it was imperative that I register for china, and that people will want to buy me a serving. This just seemed like an odd process to me. So, what if I end up with 3 sets, then I have to go buy the rest, and my luck would have it that it was discontinued, or only available in Nova Scotia. So, I didn't bother with it. And figured after the wedding, when things had settled, we would buy ourselves a nice set of dishes.

Well, the time has come! I have been looking for a set that is still white, but a little less boring than our completely plain Ikea set. And will hopefully not chip the second a fork touches it.

Yesterday during a shopping excursion with Ash, I found this set, and fell in love.


The question now remains, if I were registering for this set, how many would I ask for? 8? 12? ...I'm really confused. And I don't want to give my poor Papa a paper plate this year at Christmas.


  1. chris and i were having a similar discussion a couple of weeks ago (around thanksgiving). We didn't register at all because we hadn't planned on moving and didn't need anything new. I ended up buying a set of black & red Debbie Travis dishes from Canadian Tire (that I absolutely adore!) but its only a set of 4.

    Thanksgiving rolls around and we definitely do not have enough plates/bowls/everything for everyone lol. We ended up borrowing all of my parents fancy dinner dishes! So now I too am on the hunt for a larger dish set....hopefully before Christmas!

  2. Whoo Hoo - one of my Christmas list dilemmas solved!!

  3. Hey!!

    We just registered for "china" for our wedding and we registered for 12 place settings (our dishes are considered china even though they are Denby stoneware...nice hardy plates!!). I think 12 settings may be too much, but the girl at William Ashley told us to register for that many. I think 8 place settings would cover you for most dinner parties you would have. And you can add little elements, like tea cups or whatever, to your main dinner and salad plates, etc. if you want!!!

    Never thought I'd be offering an opinion on china hahaha!!!

  4. p.s. Your selection is BEAUTIFUL, clean, simple, and classy, LOVE it!!!

  5. 12 sounds like a good number to us too. Especially considering there is usually only 2 of us, ha ha!

  6. I think I have seen that very set, it's gorgeous! And goes perfectly with your kitchen :)

  7. "How many place settings should I put down?"


    "Exactly. Eight is too few, and twelve is too many"



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