Monday, 4 January 2010

2010 New Years Resolutions (and a look back on last year’s)

I won’t bother mentioning how quickly the year went by…we all know it. But what a year it was. The first part of the year was so focused on selling a house, buying a house….and the last part of the year has been all about enjoying it! It has been a really amazing time…and I’m so excited to start a new year in our new home.

Before I get going on my resolutions for 2010, I want to take a look back on last year’s list, see how I did, and add any that I neglected to this years list!

2009’s resolutions:

1. Read more. And read really, really good books.

I have done well with this in the latter part of 2008, and I want to continue this through 2009. First on the list, my new Wally Lamb book (thanks Rach!!). While we were planning the wedding, I was so preoccupied with reading wedding books that I forgot all about reading a good novel. I have a lot on my list to read, and several friends at work who are on the reading bandwagon with me, so it should be a fun challenge.

(Update: I did very well with this one. I re-read several classics, including We the living by Ayn Rand and The Catcher in the Rye by Salinger. I have started 2010 with The Alchemist, and there are many more on by list for the year.)

2. Take more pictures.

And not just dance party pictures. Even through they’re my fav.

(Update: While I did take pictures, they are admittedly 99.9% dance-party focused. So, this will have to be on the 2010 list.)

3. Pull out my old dusty attempt at a novel.

For a really long time, I was certain that I was meant to be a writer. I still think it’s in me, but in the past I was too critical of my own writing to actually get the words on paper. I need to let myself ramble out the idea, and edit later. So, we’ll see if I can give it another go. Besides, you’re never too old to be an author. But so far, I think I may have been too young to be one.

(Update: Here is my first huge failure. Although I thought, a lot, about my novel, the time that has passed since I was writing is very daunting to me. I WILL work on this in 2010.)

4. Be healthy.

I’m thinking lots of fruits and veggies. Maybe not quite so many peanut M&M’s. Or Swedish berries.

(Update: For the most part, I did well with this. We have added to this a bit in the 2010 list…)

5. Be active.

Ash and I have a spring tennis date in the works. So that’s covered. Not to mention the workout I get from our eager Golden Retriever dragging me around Dundurn park.

(Update: Buying my elliptical really helped me with this one. I really do work out a good 3 to 4 times each week, and I fully plan on doing so this year, and all years in the future.)

6. Cook amazing food.

Now and then we get stuck in one of those ruts where we’re obsessed with eating Zoodles and toast. This will not change, we love our Zoods. But we used to do dinner really well. Pasta, and salad, and garlic bread. In serving dishes, at the dinner table. With a side of wine. I think I need a new cookbook.

(Update: I feel that I did achieve this one. I have tried several new recipes, we have new favourites, and with the help of my new Jamie Oliver Cookbook and Kitchenaid food processor, I’m confident that 2010 will continue to be a great food year.)

7. Embrace vintage.

When I was a kid, my Mom and Dad took me to tons of garage sales and flea markets. At the time I used to drag my heels and whine, looking for the nearest place to get hotdogs. But, I also grew up in a house filled with old radios and books no one’s ever heard of and one of a kind wooden dressers. We have some of that. But we want more.

(Update: This is a work in progress, but it has been started. In the spring I plan to revisit Circle M, and build more upon our current antiques. Particular items we’re looking for, an old upright piano, a rotary phone, and a big wooden trunk.)

8. Have really good parties.

So this isn’t a new thing, we do this pretty well. But, after the flurry of parties we had through the holidays, a few things are clear. Parties are better with lots of food, and lots of champagne.

(Update: 100% accomplished. And then some.)

9. Look for more music.

I vaguely remember going to Chapters to buy Filter magazine. I would open it and get on the computer and listen to everything it suggested. I would use Amazon and then look at bands in the ‘People who bought this also bought…’ section. I have been really lazy with this. And I’m sick of listening to the same songs. My current music repertoire is limited to the songs I hear on Gossip Girl. It’s that bad.

(Update: Not accomplished, but 100% on my 2010 list.)

10. Plan a trip.

Being in Montreal with Billy was one of the best times I’ve ever had. I think we’re good tourists. And I think we need some new trips to look forward to.

(Update: This is one of those goals where if it doesn’t happen, you can chalk it up to life. We bought a house this year, so the trip took a backseat. And with everything we have going on in 2010, the same may hold true. But, traveling is in our one-day plans, and we’re totally ok with that.)

And now, for my 2010 list. Here are my goals for the upcoming year:

1. Read books, obviously, but books that are outside of my normal realm.

I have a habit of sticking to one kind of book. They have to take place in a small number of cities (preferably New York, New England, or anywhere in the UK). They have to read like old fiction. I can seriously read the back of a book that begins with “A young girl in Texas…” and just the place will turn me off. Close minded, indeed. As mentioned earlier, I have started with The Alchemist, which is quite good. My next book is going to be The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood, which looks completely bizarre and crazy.

2. Find music.

I am sadly still in the soundtrack mode…500 Days of Summer being my most recent inspiration. But, I have been compiling a list on my blackberry of bands to look for, and my music collection will grow this year.

3. See music.

So far on our list for 2010; Wilco and Muse. This one really depends on when our favourite bands tour. But if they do, we’ll be there.

4. Get more sleep.

I usually get about 6 to 7 hours, and that’s not enough. I’m a much cooler person when I’ve slept well. And although I force myself to get up early because I love the quietness of the early morning, I have to them also force myself to get to bed earlier. Something’s gotta give.

5. Eat more salmon.

Further to the health resolution above, I want to be more specific with it. I want to find at least 3 go-to recipes for salmon, and make it often. If anyone knows of any good ones, let me know!

6. Focus on a few house projects.

This is vague, admittedly. But, it has to be that way. There are many projects we want to work on, but we have to really attack each one based on convenience, finances, and our own do-it-yourselfer abilities. Our first home project of 2010 is going to be a basement facelift (mostly paint and décor related). Other plans on the agenda include both bathrooms, a garden overhaul, and windows. And MAYBE new flooring, but we’ll see.

7. Write.

This will be on every list I ever have I think. But, it has to be. Even if I fail miserably, I can’t ignore the fact that it’s a life goal of mine.

8. Stress less.

I’m a worrier. Always have been, always will be. But, rest assured I’d rather not be. This is my reminder to be less worrisome.

9. In the words of my wise father, get rid of ‘chatchka’.

Basically, de-clutter.

10. Spend time with friends.

Over the past year I have reconnected with a few people, and I don’t think I have ever been as happy as I am now. I am surrounded by completely real, unpretentious, supportive, admirable people. I want to see them as often as possible. Especially before *some* of them move away from me forever (ok, not forever, but for a damn long time).

11. Take lots of pictures, again.

No pressure here, they can be anything. Just as long as I keep my camera handy, and document this amazing life of ours.

12. Live in the moment.

I know, this sounds so Oprah. But it really is something we all forget to do, and I may be the worst. I realized over the holidays how hard it is for me to just sit with a cup of tea and relax. I’m so fidgety, and I always feel the need to be working on something. This will always be true, and I like that…but I also need to find a way to just be still, and be ok with it. Stop planning the next thing.

13. Be thankful.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hussle and bussle of every day life. No matter how busy things get, and believe me they get busy….I have to make an effort to sit back and realize how lucky I am.



  1. I love your list - along with Circle M, don't forget Aberfoyle....that's an all day trip (and keep me in mind when you go.....hahahahahah)

    I am particularly fond of 8, 9 and 10 - they are on my agenda for 2010 as well!!


  2. Cough cough @ number 10...IT WONT BE FOREVER!!! <3


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