Monday, 8 February 2010

The Basement - After

Truth be told, the basement isn't 100% done yet. We will be replacing the carpets shortly (no thanks to Empire Carpets, who stood us up! And didn't call us back when we called to ask why...). We also are thinking about installing a fireplace...and the DVD storage situation leaves much to be desired.

That being said, most of the basement is looking great! The whole theme of this project was to work with what we already had, and brighten the place up. I really think we did just that. Here are a few afters for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

The gaping hole:

014 Afters (14)

Billy is actually less than pleased with this area, despite all of his hard work. Patching drywall is really tough, and I told him it's nearly impossible to have it look 100%. I'm SO proud of the job he did!

The ceiling electrical box solution:

010 Afters (12)

This little ugly thing was in the centre of the ceiling. It was not an area that we wanted an overhead light (I hate them anyway, lamps all the way). I LOVED this quick fix, and again, Billy made it look perfect!

The stairwell:

003 Afters (3)

So much brighter and clean looking. This wall colour is so lovely in the daylight.

Room Pics:





Afters (21)

Afters (9)

Afters (7)

Afters (13)

Afters (2)

(And yes, Brandon Flowers has now made an appearance. Best part of all!)


  1. HAHA! I was JUST about to write of COURSE Brandon Flowers had to make an appearance...ha ha ha.

    Looks great guys! <3

  2. You would never know this was a basement - I mean other than that one-clearly-a-basement-type window. Seriously though, this looks fantastic. Looks so bright!! The grey carpeting you are planning on will look fantastic.

  3. i love, love, love the mirror over the couch! It really opens it up and makes the room look so much bigger! ...i'm very jealous. lol

  4. might I add, you are SO lucky to have those windows in your basement. We only have one tiny one well window in our driveway...and it only shines a teeny tiny bit of light into our basement....and we need nicer light fixtures lol

  5. I love this....and I love that mirror. It looks fantastic!!!

  6. [...] while back we gave our rec room a face lift. As you may remember, initially it was, well, [...]


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