Monday, 29 March 2010

Corinne's Bridal Shower Present

At last I can share a few pictures of the project that I've been working on the past little while. As you all know, my lovely friend Corinne is getting married in June. For her bridal shower we bought her a Kitchenaid Slow Cooker which made her VERY happy (and made me a tiny bit jealous), but I also wanted her to have something homemade. And this is what I came up with:


The hearts were cut out of paper that I created by taking her wedding song lyrics (In My Life - The Beatles) and printing them on white paper, taking out all of the spaces so the words were all squished together. The one blue heart represents her wedding colour, Tiffany Blue. I have seen a lot of projects like this one on Etsy from various artists, but i thought I make my own unique version just for her! Here's a close up shot of one of the hearts:


And here's a picture of Corinne, just after she opened it!



  1. that is absolutely amazing! :) good job hun!
    how could she not love it?!

  2. I like this post for a couple of reasons - I get to see your gorgeous creation - I get to see Corinne's lovely face as she saw your creation - and my Xmas list is added to....hahahahaha


  3. I just checked out your website for the first time in a couple of months and saw this post, and I just wanted to let Adriane and everyone know that this was the most thoughtful, sentimental, and creative gift. Since the shower, Kris and I moved into our own apartment, and the picture is now hanging in our bedroom on the wall parallel to our bed! We painted the room blue to match the blue heart hehe :)

    Thank you again Adriane, this "frame of hearts" always makes me smile.



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