Friday, 26 March 2010

Things I`m looking forward to about this weekend:

  1. Waking up tomorrow morning to my handsome husband. Cause he's not a morning person at ALL, but goes through the motions just for me.
  2. Seeing the lovely Corinne open all of the beautiful pressies at her bridal shower tomorrow afternoon.
  3. Also seeing the lovely Rach, at said shower.
  4. Wearing my new bridal shower dress. Because it's floral, and pretty, and springy.
  5. Drinks tonight with friends, and a dance-party celebration for Aaron's birthday.
  6. Taking Cohen on a leisurely walk at some point. Preferably in the sun, with no chill in the air.
  7. Having one or two glasses of wine in the kitchen as the men in our life watch sporting events (no, I don't know who's fighting, yes, I am expecting that Emma and Ash will be in the kitchen with me, and of course, it will be more than one or two glasses.)
  8. Eating pop tarts, at some point.
  9. My weekend morning ritual of magazines and HGTV.
  10. Cooking dinner on Sunday and relaxing after an extremely busy weekend with Billy. Cause he's my favourite.

1 comment:

  1. Things I am looking forward to:
    1) Maybe a kitchen ceiling?
    2) Pictures of Adriane/Rachel/Corrine ooh'ing over shower stuff
    3) Pictures of Adriane in her lovely dress
    4) Dinner on Sunday with my parents to celebrate their 61st Wedding anniversary
    5) Possibly going to the Paddy Greene's reunion tomorrow night
    6) Monday off - whoo hoo


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