Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Spring/Summer 2010 Project - Exterior Painting

As expected, we are busy planning all sorts of good-weather projects this year. The garden is a huge one, and we're already working away at that. The plan includes ripping out a LOT of things, and planting new things...that's about as specific as we can get at this point.

Another project we're planning is to give the exterior of our house a little face lift. Below is a picture of the house that appeared in the MLS listing...we've already made some changes, but this still serves as a very good 'before' shot.


The main areas we want to tackle are the areas of siding, the trim areas, and the foundation. We have dozens of colour combinations we're considering, but this one is in the lead:



The door is currently a blue/black colour, which will serve as our accent colour. The swatch below is not our exact colour...for some reason I couldn't find it on the site (perhaps, gasp, its been discontinued). But this is very close.


This project will be waiting until Katie and Corinne's weddings are both over...it's going to need a good few weekends for us to get the job done. But, it also gives us time to really finalize our colour choices, and to read through dozens of helpful how-to articles. Rona, of course, has a great one I thought I'd share!


Exterior painting (via Rona)

At first, you may think the process is easy: simply buy exterior paint. Although the exercise doesn't have to be complicated, there are rules to follow and tricks of the trade to remember.

Picking the right time
What season? Certain weather conditions such as excess humidity cause paint to crack; frost can take the shine out of the paint while a hot sun will cause the paint to blister. Ideally, you should paint in the spring or fall when these factors are less important and while trees and bushes have no leaves. In a pinch, you can paint in summer, if it's not too hot, making sure you stay ahead of the sun as it goes around the house.


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