Friday, 2 July 2010

Side of the house

While most of our time is spent making the inside of the house pretty, and the front/back garden, there is a small, badly neglected area on the left side of our house. We don't really see this, and it was easy to not notice the four foot tall weeds that had been growing there. But, our poor neighbours are subject to this, as are the people who drive past the house from the left hand side...ha ha.

So, I spent my Canada Day tackling this area. I had started this a while ago, yanking out the weeds, but yesterday I finished it up. The majority of the area was covered in old faded mulch, so we got rid of that. Then we divided the area up so that we can have half garden, and half grass.

It's a start, and looks pretty bare, but in a year or so this should actually look pretty decent. The left side will soon be covered in grass seed, and although it's tough to see, there are shrubs and perennials all along the right hand side. We will be buying nice dark soil to cover this area as well.We will also put a few garden lights in, to continue as they do along the front garden areas. My only regret with this project is not taking a 'before' shot, because it was pretty horrific. But you'll just have to take our word for it....

Here's hoping they grow quickly!!

Side of house

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