Monday, 16 August 2010

Best Parts of the weekend

Happy Monday kids! I know, it sounds like I have that smug Monday's an act, believe me. But, I did happen to have an amazing weekend, so that helps things. Here are the highlights:

Friday, it all began with the purchase of my delightfully cute new bicycle.


As I do with all major purchases, yes, I have named her. And her name is Betty. Betty Draper.

On Saturday we  spent the day with some of our absolute favourite people on Toronto Island where we saw the amazing Arcade Fire. There are no words to describe the event. They are a perfect band. I will say, however, that the set could have been longer.

And, being the adventurous group that we are, we decided to not take the big, sturdy, definitely insured ferry to get to the Island. No, we took the tiny, sketchy water taxi (that Harflett ended up driving, as it happens).



arcade fire_us

arcade fire_mme


Other things that happened this weekend, in no particular order:
  • Our bedroom set is 100% sold! (For those of you who don't know, we decided to forgo the Ikea set and use our antique set that was feeling rather ignored in a guest room. We plan on buying this bed frame with the money we made from our old set)
  • We replaced five more door handles in our house (bathroom, bedrooms and hallway closet), which leaves only the front and back doors with old ugly brass hardware, yay!
  • I got almost completely caught up on Mad Men. In about a week I'll be watching it alongside the rest of the world.
  • Quarter round has at last been added to the master bedroom. This room is going to be looking lovely soon!!
  • The other set of dressers have been painted and hardware has been replaced!
  • dresser
  • I took Betty out for a spin several times. And soon realized that I had to buy a more comfy (and pretty) bike seat:

bicycle seat


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