Friday, 3 September 2010 more thing....I had to...

This afternoon during my lunch break the office girls and I took a run out to Pita Pit (delish) and also popped in to Indigo. I bee-lined to the magazine section (of course) to look for the newest shelter mags....and found a lovely surprise!

House & Home October 2010 was there, which was enough to be pleased about. But they also included a little free gift...

House & Home Oct 2010

Ikea Catalogue 2011

Oh yes! The new Ikea Catalogue, and just in time for Labour Day weekend. I also have the new Style at Home and InStyle waiting for me at home...should be a wonderful weekend of reading!


  1. Got home from work today and the Ikea catalogue was waiting for me. I immediately thought of you...hahaha


  2. It truly was a nice little surprise, wasn't it? My Ikea catalogue has a bunch of Post-its sticking out of it already. LOVE. IKEA.


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