Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Adventures in shopping - the Lowe’s fireplace debacle

Billy and I are sort of known for having something along the way come up when we are working on this, or planning something….and usually the something is not great. In the end, it always works out, but there’s always SOMETHING. For example, on our wedding day, there was about an hour where we thought the song I was to walk down the aisle to wasn’t going to play. And when we were buying our new house, there was a brief moment of panic when, at the 11th hour, it almost all fell apart on our previous home’s buyers’ end…which would have had a rather nasty domino effect. Like I said, it all always works out, but the kinks are just par for the course with us.

So last night, when we decided to purchase a fireplace for our rec room, we should have known it would not be without a surprise or two.

We had been looking for the perfect fireplace for the rec room for a long time. It had to be white, traditional, and not to corny looking. Some of them are pretty cheesy. And white ones in particular are hard to come by. So, last week when the Lowe’s flyer came with our newspaper and we saw one that was just right, we HAD to have it. We were beyond excited to, at last, get a fireplace to make our basement extra cozy! And just in time for the holidays!

We called right away, and there were nine left in stock. Perfect. We picked a date to borrow my Dad’s van. On that day, Billy called again, just to make sure there were some. There were four left. Perfect! Off we went.

Billy picked me up from work, we picked up the van at my Dad’s, and drove way into the east end of town. We walked in and went to the display, having never seen it in real life, and we knew it was the exact one we wanted. Billy called the guy over to grab one for us, as I jumped for joy at the thought of Christmas morning around the (pretend) fire. And the guy said “Oh, no, all four were damaged today, we through them out.”. Yeah.

So after 10 minutes of me shaking my fist and saying “This always happens, it always happenssss" in the middle of Lowe’s, we decided to call the next closest store in Brantford. They had ONE left. And although at first they said they don’t do holds, I begged and pleaded and told him our sob story, and eventually the guy said he would stand right beside the box until we got there so no one would take it.

Off we went to Brantford, just a slight detour. Along the way I told Billy all the things I would do to the guy if he didn’t hold it, or if it was suddenly damaged as well. But miracle of miracles, it was safe and sound and ready for us to pick it up! We tossed them the cash and ran out the door, just wanting to get it in the van and get the heck out of there.

Thinking that all was just perfect in the world, we headed home, happy and excited to be able to relax for the last remaining hours of the work night. Don met us at the house to carry it in the basement with Billy, and we were done! Perfect!

Except that when we went to drive the van back to me Dad’s, it wouldn’t start. Of course. Of COURSE the van wouldn’t start. Poor Don had to drive all the way back to our place to give us a boost, which ended up not even being the problem. Through a total fluke, Billy figured it out, and we quickly drove back down the mountain before anything else went wrong.

We got home, and Billy proceeded to put the fireplace together (it DIDN’T come put together), while I passed out from sheer exhaustion.

So there you have it. After all that, we got our damn fireplace. Stupid thing. (Kidding, I still love it).

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