Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Baby Duckworth!

As most of you already know, yesterday we had our second ultrasound...and what a great one it was! Not only did we find out that Baby Duckworth is healthy and doing great, but we also discovered's a boy!!!!


Here's his little foot!


The first hour of the appointment was a bit on the stressful side actually. I had expected it to be just like the first one....a few minutes in and we're looking at the screen. But, she had to take about a hundred pictures and measurements...and I had NO idea if the baby was ok until she was DONE. She also kept asking me to turn on my side, and she was poking me in a funny way with the thingy they use, and I started to worry that she couldn't see the baby move or something. This girl was all business, which really upset me, not to mention poor Billy who was in the waiting room the whole time. For some reason she says we have to start with just the Mom and the husband comes in idea why.

Anyway...after sweating out the longest hour of our lives, she brought Billy in and showed us the baby on the monitor. Best thing ever. We saw him move and stretch out...such an overwhelming feeling! And at the very end she told us it looked like a little boy...which we both totally knew anyway, ha ha.

So after spending a good half hour on the phone to the family and friends...we went shopping! Of course, ha ha.


And now I can start making some solid nursery plans for my little guy!!!

In a few weeks we will be having another ultrasound in Ancaster, but this time it will be the 3D version! I wasn't 100% sure about this seems a bit weird and very pricey, but there's nothing quite like seeing our baby moving around, the pictures just don't do it justice. And my parents are getting us the package where you get to take home a DVD, so I can watch my little guy moving around every day until he gets here :)

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