Friday, 17 December 2010

A banister solution!

A while back we gave our rec room a face lift. As you may remember, initially it was, well, awful.


And then it was pretty nice!

Afters (9)

But one problem remained. The banister.

Initially, it was horrific. Could not be worse, really. (Also, look at baby Finn!)


And then it was great! We fixed the holes that were behind those squares and reinforced everything. Done and done!

Afters (3)

But, over time, we realized just why those hideous wood blocks were there. The walls are pretty much made of Styrofoam and don't hold ANYTHING. So, you could actually shake the banister if you wanted to. Not great for the holiday season when Grandma's will be in the house. And not good when in a few months we'll be carrying a baby down those stairs.

Luckily, my talented and handsome hubby came up with a solution and I LOVE it! We decided to just buy nice wide planks of wood, and use them almost as a moulding down the stairs. We'll still attach the banister to this, but I think it actually looks very cool! AND, problem solved :)


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