Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas Traditions

The other day I was having lunch with the girls in the office and we got to talking about Christmas traditions. Now that Billy and I are expanding our little family, it’s really important to me that our baby grows up LOVING Christmas the way we do. And a big part of that comes from having annual traditions...they just make everything seem so special!

Some of ours are not even that major, but they are crucial. For example, on Christmas morning everyone is woken up (by me) at about 6:30. There is no sleeping in on Christmas. Too bad! I wake up first, get on all of the lights and Christmas music, make hot chocolate, and coax Billy out of bed with visions of piles of presents waiting to be opened. We also throw an annual open house with close friends and family that is a huge thing we look forward to. And of course, there are movies that I MUST watch before the big day. White Christmas is a big one for me.

Next year will be our first Christmas with a little kid to focus on, so lately I have been gathering ideas from people, trying to see what traditions their families have to inspire me for our own.

My friend Christina told us about a friend of hers who has a pretty cute tradition, which I later discovered is a fairly well-known idea! But it was the first I’d heard of it, so I thought I’d share.

Each year on December 1st a little elf makes an appearance somewhere in the house. This elf is one of Santa’s helpers, and his job is to watch over all little girls and boys, and make sure they are behaving well in the days leading up to Christmas. Each day the elf appears in a different spot, and has a little surprise with him for whoever finds him. So each morning the kids get up and search high and low for the little elf, to see what he has brought them on that day. How cute is that!

Just a day or two later I found a link to the exact tradition! Here it is:

I’m definitely going to add this to my list of traditions to incorporate down the road. Although I have mixed feelings about the Santa thing (I didn’t believe in him as a kid, ha ha), I do like the magic behind it all.

Anyone else have any favourite traditions?

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  1. oh, I love Elf on a Shelf!!
    we had one when I was little! :)


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