Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hello December!

Well, I'm proud to report that my Christmas shopping is DONE. For real. Any shopping I do in the next 25 days will be purely extra sauntering around the mall, should I choose to do it. I am very proud of myself!

Not only that, but this year I did the unthinkable and stuck to my budget. I always create a budget, but it quite often is doubled, easily, and it's just too much stuff! These days, with all that's going on in the world, it's so important to be focused more on family time than wasting money on needless things. But, I managed to gather lovely pressies for everyone we know, and I just know they will love them!! And B....well I think he'll be VERY happy on Christmas morning :)

With the shopping out of the way, there is still much to do, and now it's time to start! Wrapping presents, decorating the house, all of the good stuff. I also have a few presents that I will be making (sounds silly, I promise no one is getting anything too corny), so I can spend time on those projects as well. that it's officially December, I can get started on my little pile of holiday magazines that I have been saving for a Sunday morning :)

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  1. Things that you make are always amazing.

  2. I have cleared a space for my Christmas tree. AND Dad dragged it up from the basement for me AND so far I have 2 presents for you, 2 presents for B and a bunch of ideas so I guess I have officially started.
    Still have a long way to go...hahahahaha


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