Monday, 13 December 2010

The holiday prep is well under way.


How was everyone’s weekend? I feel like we got SO much accomplished in the last two days, I’m very proud of us!

Things we did with our weekend:
  • Deep cleaned the rec room carpets (this was all Billy and he’s still working at it, poor thing)

  • Replaced the hardware on the front door

  • Put a fresh coat of paint on the door (new hardware and old paint just don't go)

  • Fixed the little plastic things that make all of the closet doors glide smoothly

  • Hung up the outdoor garland and wreath

  • Made a rope-thingy to hang out Christmas cards on

  • Got everything we need to fix up the banisters

  • Washed all of the guest room bedding in preparation for upcoming overnight guests

  • Racked up the last of the leaves in the backyard (yes, it’s late, we’re very busy people)

  • Located the last two boxes of plain white Christmas lights on plain white cord left in the city (note, admittedly there are a few more left, so if anyone’s looking for some, try Michael's in Ancaster!)

  • ‘Fixed’ the upstairs Christmas tree (the ornaments were all wrong)

  • Hung up some other Christmas lights around the house

  • Wrapped a TON of presents

  • Took our very first baby-bump picture :)


We also still managed to squeeze in some downtime activities….
  • Did some shopping with my Dad

  • Read through all of my December magazines and the Restoration Hardware Baby catalogue

  • Watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, It’s a Wonderful Life, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and Inception (you can’t watch xmas movies ALL the time)

  • Drank lots of hot chocolate and ate lots of Gingerboy cookies

  • Popped in to Katie and Leo’s for a visit

While we were at K & L’s, Baby Duckworth received one of the cutest gifts ever.

Once we have the name, we can get it engraved on the front, and on the back, they engraved this!

It's just the cutest thing I've ever seen!

And now, it's Monday again and time to determine what NEEDS to get done with this week. So here we go:
  • Put up the rec room Christmas tree (this is our 'main tree', and it's killed me to wait this long, but we wanted those carpets nice and fresh before we got started)
  • Hang and fill the Christmas stockings
  • Make artichoke dip for my work potluck (my co-workers enjoy this dip ALMOST as much as our friends do)
  • Tidy the guest rooms and put on the fresh bedding
  • Finish up my one remaining homemade gift
  • Replace the back door handle
  • Put up new chain locks on front and back doors (to match the new hardware, of course)
  • Fix handle on bathroom drawer
  • Put a fresh coat of paint on bathroom vanity
  • Pick up all of the special food items we need for the holidays
  • Hang the rope-thingy and put Christmas cards on it
  • Pick up the fireplace for the rec room
  • Fix banister and put on a fresh coat of paint
  • Put lights up once banister is all fixed
  • Reward ourselves with a Christmas movie and more hot chocolate for working ourselves to the bone every day this week!!!


  1. Be prepared - everyone will want their picture taken with you and your wee bump! That includes me. The gift from Katie and Leo is absolutely sweet! Like a mini much more sophisicated version of the Adriane Box.
    I am so looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend.

  2. Ooh I hope so! I'm fully prepared to show off the year it will be everyone taking pictures with the baby! I can't believe it, ha ha!!!!!

  3., you are superwoman, I do not know how you do it, you are just amazing!!! Where do you get the energy?! I wish I were you haha!!!

  4. I think you need to add "TAKE IT EASY SINCE I'M PREGNANT" to your list, and more than once!!

    I agree with Corinne, you are superwoman!

  5. Ha ha, you two are too kind! I am honestly just taking advantage of my returning energy now....I hear that the third trimester can be like the first so I have a small window where I can get stuff done, ha ha!

  6. Ha ha! I don't think it's so much 'energy' as it is a unique combination of OCD and ADD!! It's a sickness!!!


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