Monday, 3 January 2011

2011, here we come!

Happy new year everyone! I took a bit of a computer hiatus over the break, as I usually do, because I sit in front of one every day at work and it makes me feel like I’m working…even when I’m at home. Thankfully my iPhone keeps me in the loop….otherwise I would lose touch with the world completely. I do know the most important holiday news anyway….Natalie Portman is having a baby! No other news is really THAT important, is it?

Our holidays were lovely this year. Not as busy as usual, but just busy enough.

Now that we’re into January, resolutions are on my mind as usual…but I feel like most of mine are more to-do list items then resolutions. But, my list, my rules.

2011 – The List:
  • Have the nursery finished by the first week of February (paint colour is picked, which for me is always half the battle)
  • Have both bathrooms renovated by mid-March (eeek, is it possible?)
  • Organize linen closet
  • Get rid of the seven thousand old paint cans in our basement
  • Gather various stashes of old clothes, sort, and store in nice storage bins under our bed
  • Replace the cushions for our old wood chair in the basement (Finn had a little accident on the original ones in his younger days, so they are sadly ruined)
  • Buy euro pillows for our bed (nursing may be a challenge on a rod iron bed without them)
  • Eat more veggies
  • Eat less M&M’s, which I have failed to do for the past three years (this one starts today, my supply is out and I’m nervous!!)
  • Buy my coffee maker and learn how to make GOOD coffee at home
  • Exercise…lightly before baby, more so after (using weights AND cardio, not just watching tv and humming along on my elliptical)
  • Continue reading awesome books (this one is no challenge for me because I'm a bookworm...but finding good NEW books is hard)
  • Read ‘What to Expect The First Year’ which has been officially reserved at the library (some knowledge on taking care of new born babies seems like it would really come in handy soon)
  • Purge magazines, organize the keepers - I cheated and already did this one
  • Paint little section of ceiling where the attic door is
  • Finish buying the Robert Munsch collection of books that I have been compiling for the little one since before we knew he was coming...along with many, many other books that wer want him to read (Mr. Men, Berstein Bears included of course)
  • Don’t buy every baby thing in sight – at least wait until after the shower so I don’t end up with one billion onesies
  • Walk Cohen more (and make Billy come along)
  • Tidy the garden (spring goal, may not happen due to the whole baby thing)
  • Sort out basement storage (it’s a disaster)
  • Out a backsplash in the kitchen (maybe?)
  • Plan a really nice Valentine’s Day date with B
  • Wedding album project - yes, this is WAY late, but I focused on the wall pictures instead because I can see them all the time...and this one will be more daunting because I want it to include the pre-wedding and honeymoon there
  • Pick a name for the baby (sooner than later, ideally)
  • Kiss Billy more...because he's the best husband ever
2011, I have a feeling you are going to be a breath of fresh air. And I can’t wait for every second of it!!


  1. age - i have loads of baby books. you can borrow whatever you want, incl what to expect. i highly recommend buying a copy of 'babywise' by gary ezzo. i used it like a manual for the first three mos and it worked to get madelyn sleeping through the night (11pm-6am) by 10 wks! highly recommend it.

  2. Thanks Hilary! That's very sweet of you!!


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