Monday, 10 January 2011

Baby Duckworth is registered!

Over the weekend with the help of Katie and Jaydyn (who was on her best behaviour) we registered for Baby Duckworth, so exciting! I have to say, picking out the little chair he'll sit in and the baby bath I'll bathe him in makes this whole thing feel REALLY real :) And Katie was SO MUCH HELP. She's a wise Mom :)

In the next few months the baby shower details will be under way, but for now I thought I'd share the details for anyone who's eager to shop for the little one (as many of you have told me you are, ha ha).

I've officially registered for our baby at Babies 'r' Us and Sears, and links to each registry are here:

Babies 'r' Us Baby Registry

Sears Baby Registry

(You have to search for won't let me link directly to our list, sorry!)

I will probably add more items, but these are a good start. You'll notice there are very few items on the Sears can only find so much at one store!

We also didn't put any clothes on these registries. I think that people who want to buy clothes will want to pick out cute outfits all on their own, and it will be a nice surprise! And in case anyone needs ideas, these happen to be Baby Duckworth's (he he) favourite clothing stores:

The Childrens Place

Joe Fresh


Old navy

And....some amazing places for non-clothing items that we LOVE are:

Pottery Barn Kids

Chapters Indigo

Getting excited to celebrate this with everyone at the shower!!! And for all of you gentleman in our'll get to be there too, because we're having a co-ed shower :)

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  1. Excellent, so excited to review baby D's registries :):)


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