Monday, 17 January 2011

A good start - basement bath and nursery

We spent the weekend working away on the house….my Mom and I were busy working in the bursery, and Billy and my Dad got a good start on the basement bath project. I’m so excited to see progress!

The bathroom has many challenges, as Billy and Dad can attest to. The flooring isn’t level, none of the walls are actually flat, the ceiling is a disaster (not actually there, in fact, but the walls were not done properly either so a drop ceiling is needed). The list of issues goes on and on.

This is the gruesome before:

And when you look up...THIS is what you see (gasp):

Here's a good "Hmm, how the f will we do this" shot of the two deep in thought.

The fact that I was insistent on wainscoting was a bit of an eye roller for them due to the lack of straight walls and floor, but they worked it out and it's starting to look amazing!!!

Next up, toilet, hooking up the faucet in the vanity, painting, then the pretty stuff! And after pics, of course.

The nursery, on the other hand, holds no surprises. It’s simply dark, and desperately in need of fresh paint.

This weekend we primed all of the walls, and painted all of the trim and doors. I like to do the trim, and then the walls. Call me crazy, but for me it’s much easier to paint wall colour up against finished trim neatly then it is to do things the other way around. So, goodbye dark grey walls and rose (!) coloured closet! Hello blank canvas.

Still on the agenda is painting the ceiling (two coats, ugh) and then it’s wall colour time! In a few short weeks, I’ll be putting furniture together, yay!!!!

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  1. This is all so exciting! I already love the bathroom! Good thinking with the wainscotting. it looks awesome :)


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