Thursday, 6 January 2011

People’s Choice Awards 2011 – Best Dressed

It’s award season!!! I love award shows…a lot. Yes, they can be boring, and too long, and cheesy, but I love them anyway. I think back to the Brad and Jenn days of yore, the good old days, when I would wait in glorious anticipation to see the beautiful couple come down the red carpet and to see what amazing dress Jenn had on. Sigh. Well, stupid Brad walks a darker path in life these days (good riddance), but lovely Jenn still always looks cool as ever. Well, last years Oscars was an exception…but I digress.

The first award show this year was boring, as expected, but some of the dresses were really pretty. And Johnny looked pretty cool too.


Oh Natalie. I’m so happy that you and I are pregnant at the same time. It further reinforces my belief that deep down we are best friends. Please do another movie like Garden State soon. Or Closer. And please name your baby something cute and not something like Aspen or Turnip. And please, please allow Vanity Fair to cover your wedding pictures. I don’t blame you if you forego the InTouch spread.


You are doing well, Emma. Very well. Continue on with this path and you will actually get great roles and end up with someone cool and not someone like Zac Efron.


I sort of don’t actually like this dress, but you wear it well, and look fab. I wish you were dating Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights in real life, and not that baseball guy. Not cool Minka, not cool.


Oh Jenn. I’m glad you didn’t try too hard this time. And I’m glad you’re not dating goofy musicians. Please, please try to date George Clooney. I’m telling you, you may not be as young as his girls are, but you’re just as pretty. And you have the added bonus of having a personality.


You are an odd man, Johnny Depp, but I like that you are so humbled by an award like this one. Even though, deep down, you know you are always the Peoples’ Choice.

All images via Just Jared (my fav celeb site)

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