Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Sarah 101 - Episode 2


So...have I managed to get anyone hooked on Sarah 101 yet? I know I am HOOKED. I love Sarah and Tommy, always have, always will.

On this week's episode, they turned a boring guest room into an amazing boys nursery, and as usual they completely outdid themselves. I can't seem to find a before shot of the room online, but it's the after that's the most important anyway!





Things that I have learned from Sarah:
  • Don't be afraid of prints - I always had been in the past, they always seemed cheesy, but now I know how to work them in here and there.

  • Don't buy all 'nursery' furniture - buy items that will grow with baby and can be used in other areas of your home down the road

  • Things don't need to be expensive. Some people spend on a crib what we have spent on the entire nursery, and I like to get more bang for my buck!

  • Nurseries don't need to be cutesy. Think long term, and avoid a cheesy 'theme' that will just get boring.

  • Make the room enjoyable for everyone, baby, Mom and Dad.

Here is a link to where they sources everything:



  1. Love Love Looooooove this post, very inspirational, such a fresh looking nursery for a boy :) So excited!!!

  2. And ugly glider!

  3. Awwww I love the pillow in the last picture, sooo cute!!

  4. Did you buy bedding yet?

  5. As it happens, Billy was not too fond of this room, ha ha. He didn't like the ceiling, the lights, or the curtains, lol.

  6. Yes we do have a few crib sheets so far! We're avoiding the whole baby bumper and comforter thing for the first year or so...but they have some really cute crib sheets!

  7. Well then, it's a good thing B's in charge of the ceiling!

  8. So no ball fringe then??? :)

  9. Ha ha ha, nope, no ball fringe!!! So sad!!


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