Friday, 4 February 2011

The basement bath project continues

Last night while the hubby was out playing hockey (and winning, by the way) I made myself useful and started prettying up the soon-to-be bath in the basement. It's a far cry from complete, but every little bit counts.

The wainscoting and trim has all been painted white (first coat only), and the walls have been cut in (sadly, I realized late in the game that I had run out of fresh

It's going to be nice and bright in there soon enough! I am SO excited to be hanging up the mirror and putting fresh towels in there. And the pets are pretty excited about this new room they've discovered. Finn will be in the sink in no time.

(Excuse the extra grainy iPhone camera and I have a love/hate relationship).


  1. Age, you are truly an inspiration to me!!!

  2. Aw thanks Corinne :):) I'm just bored all the time and need to stay busy, ha ha!


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