Monday, 7 February 2011

The basement bath works!

This Saturday while my Mom and I spent the day shopping, my AMAZING husband and father worked all day long on the basement bath project. (Yes, I'm spoiled).

Although it doesn't look done quite yet, the worst is over. We officially have running water, and a flushing toilet!

And now I can go crazy in there! Yesterday I did the (tedious) second coat on the wainscoting, and this week we will be working on:
  • Painting the walls
  • Hanging the light fixture
  • Hanging mirror
  • Installing the door stopper
  • Putting up the towel holder and toilet paper holder
  • Replacing the handles on vanity
  • Installing the door handle
  • Looking for artwork for the far wall (maybe...maybe not)

This also means that we're one step closer to working on the Main Bath! SO EXCITED!!!!


  1. Me too! I think we might get this same vanity but wider for the upstairs bath, it's so pretty!


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