Friday, 18 February 2011

Crib love

We've fallen in love with this crib:


It seems, however, to be only available to our American neighbours. We COULD order it online...but it's pricey. It does fall within our amazing nursery budget (thanks Mom!!)...but it would take up a good chunk. So, the plan is to look around for something local that's similar, and see if we can find a comparable one. Fingers crossed!

I wonder when stores will realize that us Canadians also have shopping needs? Must we always be a decade behind???



  1. I love this crib!! I think it would look amazing with baby fast asleep in it and of course in the nursery. Age you are totally helping me redecorate my house....what do you charge because this is your calling

  2. Ha ha, I will help you for free!!! I would LOVE to help redesign your place...that would be SUCH a fun project!


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