Thursday, 3 February 2011

Painting in the nursery is officially complete!

Dear homeowners,

Please, please don't paint the insides of your closets to match your room. One day some girl will be cursing your name as she paints over the dusty rose that you so conveniently chose for the closet walls AND ceiling. And it will take her about 14 coats to cover it. Also, you can feel free to paint the trim that's in there white to match the rest of the room, instead of leaving it dark wood....which also takes about 14 coats to cover. Continuity is a beautiful thing.

Anyway...whining aside, it's now done! And only 2 closets remain in the house with this particular problem (the master bedroom closet was a dark, dark blue, and the guest room was forest green (and yes, ceilings were ALL painted!!!). Still to paint is the hallway closet and the linen of these days.

The doors on the nursery closet have been taken down for now so that we can fill the closet with shelving, and there's a light fixture in there that has to be replaced as well. But overall I think it's looking pretty good!


This weekend I'm hoping to:
  • Shop for a crib
  • Replace a set of curtains that I picked up and have since changed my mind on
  • Pick up a few little things from Ikea (containers, throw blanket, etc.)
  • Look for a nice big area rug

Speaking of area rugs...a while ago I spotted this one hanging in the carpet section at Walmart. Is it just me, or is it actually pretty cute? Maybe I just have bargain fever (it was only $50, and it's the perfect size!) I guess it's crazy to pick a rug that's so light...I just love the texture of it. It's sooo soft.



  1. wow! Age! It looks like its coming along beautifully! what a lucky boy you're going to have :)

  2. I love the colour, it looks great!! I love that rug btw too.

  3. I'm with Norine on this one.....that rug is gorgeous! I can hardly wait to shop this weekend!!!!!

  4. I'm into the rug as well. Love love love. Looks so good!

  5. I love the rug too!!! I watched HGTV last night (Ambrose Price..), and he was designing a nursery, and it's SOOO important to have a cushy carpet so the baby can crawl comfortably :):)

  6. And a cushy rug for Grandma to sit on.......

  7. I saw that show! Is it just me, or is Ambrose Price a super weird guy? Is that a real accent???

  8. Ambrose is real - I think his accent is a down easter one. He was on that Canadian Decorator Reality show.....Project Runway for decorators. He didn't win that show BUT he got his own!


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