Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Rules for my Unborn Son

One of my favourite gifts that I received this year for my birthday was this lovely book.


A while back (as Rach remembered, ha ha) I mentioned this blog, and how in love with it I was. Now I have the hard copy!

Raising a little boy is something I have obviously been thinking about for months now. How can I make sure he's a gentleman? Not into hardcore rap? Has manners? Isn't a little bugger?

Well, thanks to Aunty Rach, we now have the answer. He'll simply have to live by the rules.


  1. I found this blog ages ago and love it!

  2. Yayyy! He better live by these rules. I hope you're putting post it flags on all the good ones.


    Aunty Rach

  3. Good job aunty Rach :):):)

  4. I was thinking of attaching some sort of monetary bonus system to the rules, to ensure they are followed (oh ya, I'm totally going to be one of those parents). Ha ha!


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