Tuesday, 22 February 2011

So long old crappy bathroom!

After the amazing morning when we got to see our little guy, the rest of the weekend was spent tearing our main bathroom to pieces. Literally.

No more ugly tile, no more horrible, horrible vanity. No more peel and stick floor. Hurray!!!






Now we have a nice blank slate. Lots to do still...and it will be a while before it's all done, but the scary part is over (finding out just what is behind those bathroom walls).

As suspected, the walls were never done properly, namely no vapour barrier was used and the tiles were just laid over drywall. But, at least we can correct that all now.

The toilet and vanity are gone as planned, but at the last minute we ended up ripping the tub out as well, as there were a few nicks and scratches, and there's just no point in building a beautiful new bathroom around an old tub.

The plumbing line for the shower has also been extended to a better height. The shower was initially designed for a 4 foot woman, and that just doesn't work for a 6 foot 4 husband.

So for now, it's as bare as it can be. Next up on the agenda:
  • Install new tub
  • Put vapour barrier and backer board up in shower surround
  • Install fan in ceiling
  • Replace outlet
  • Put up subway tiles in shower surround
  • Install new shower head and tub faucet
  • Put wainscoting up on walls
  • Lay tile on floor
  • Trim around walls and doorways
  • Paint ceiling and walls
  • Install toilet
  • Install vanity, sink and faucet
  • Hang medicine cabinet and cabinet over toilet
  • Put up shower curtain
  • Hang towel racks, hooks and toilet paper holder
  • Hooks on back of door and beside shower


  1. I have spent half the morning explain to co-workers why I have four bandages on three of my fingers......lol

  2. hey! we are in the process of doing our bathroom... are you installing your tub yourselves? if so, what website or book are you using as an instruction manual? we had been thinking of hiring and are having trouble narrowing down someone. shoot me an email! t.pilih@live.ca

  3. We are doing it ourselves...BUT....my Dad is helping us, which basically means he's the project manager and is showing us what to do step by step. It will be a first for us too, but I'm sure there are a ton of how-to's out there! Here's one that I found:


    But plumbing can be scary, ha ha, it is for us anyway....so if we didn't have my dad we'd be hiring someone for sure :)

  4. Is it weird that my biggest wonder is where the heck you've been showering if you no longer have a tub? LOL

  5. Ha ha ha, not at all! We have been bouncing between my parents and B's parents for days now, ha ha!! It's not the greatest....but it will be worth it in the end!

  6. Subway tiling on Sunday!! Is it odd that I'm looking forward to it?


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