Monday, 28 February 2011

Weekend, Oscars, etc.

What a weekend! It was a busy one for us, but a really good one. Saturday began with a shopping date in Toronto with the lovely Corinne and Rachel, SUCH a great day! Not only did we all buy fabulous things and eat a delicious meal, but we got to have a little Jersey Shore run-in to top it all off. Thanks Vinnie for holding the door to Fran's for us. I'm guessing we're not total grenades. (Non-Jersey shore watchers will not get this, please ignore). It took everything in us not to throw in a little t-shirt time remark as we passed, but we stayed cool.

Saturday night B and I took a little drive to Burlington to see Mike & Em who it feels like we haven't seen in ages! I guess the months leading up to a baby really are insane, especially when you throw two bathroom remodels into the mix. But what can I say, we're crazy.

Sunday B and my Dad managed to get the fan into the bathroom ceiling, which I must say from the sidelines did not look like a fun project at all. But, now that it's in we can really get moving. This week our plans are to:
  • Scrape the walls that were behind tile to ensure they are as smooth as possible
  • Paint the ceiling (since it's going blue-black, it's best to do it now while nothing's in there)
  • Install wainscoting and trim

And after all of the work was done for the day, we settled in for the Oscars. A few remarks about this years show. I wasn't thrilled with Anne Hathaway. She seemed overly smiley and awkward. James Franco, on the other hand, impressed me, and I wasn't expecting him to be very good at this. I thought the show was a touch boring, and there were many missing celebs as usual. But overall, it was ok.

And on to the dresses! A word to Scarlet, Cate, Penelope, Reese...ladies, I expect a LOT from you, and I was really bummed with your dress choices. You all looked lovely, but come on. Especially you Cate.

Moving on.

My absolute fav:


This dress, albeit a touch more revealing, reminded me so much of my wedding dress. When I saw it, I knew it wouldn't be topped for me. And I don't usually favour the black dresses, but this one is AMAZING.

The runner up:


This one is so, so lovely, and had I not seen the first one would have been at the top of my list. Mila has much better style than I realized...I hope she's at these shows more often.

Honourable mentions:


It is my personal goal to be as hot as Helen is when I'm her age. And as thin. She always looks amazing. Love her.


This is strange, but I have warmed to Sandra a lot this past year. I think it's just that I really respect how she handled her whole dramatic situation. And I notice her a bit more now on the red carpet. Billy described my thoughts on her perfectly last night. He said "It's not that I think she's that pretty, but she always looks good". It's exactly what I think too.

All images via Just Jared

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  1. I agree - I thought Anne Hathaway was horrible - giggly and constantly referring to her "hipness and youth" factor - ugh. He looked a little out of it to me - and by 'out of it' I mean high or something. lol
    Helen Mirren was gorgeous and her I was disappointed in quite a few of the dresses. Nicole Kidman?? Penelope?? And I hated Scarlett's hair.
    Oh, one other weekend accomplishment - you got a really good look at your attic!


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