Friday, 11 March 2011

Long weekend plans

This week Billy has been slaving away at the bathroom tiling. He actually wont let me help anymore…and I feel really, really guilty for spending my weeknights watching made-for-teen television and eating cookies. Well I don’t feel that bad.

Anyway, we’re hoping that this project will wrap up very soon and then it’s time for me to take over and clean the house top to bottom. I’m an absolute clean freak, it’s scary how much I love to clean. So, while Billy is tiling at 11:00 pm, I’m working on my plan of attack. Yes, I plan how I will clean. That’s right.

Tomorrow while he continues on with the bathroom project, I will work on the nursery…putting together some of the decorative parts to the room. We’re still awaiting a few things that are in transit (artwork, mobile, and crib), but my plans for tomorrow are:
  • Get the blinds and drapes hemmed and hung up
  • Put the slipcover on the chair and ottoman (just pulled them out of the packaging this week to wash so they’re nice and fresh)
  • Put floating shelf above dresser
  • Start putting books, toys, etc. on bookcase
If by some miracle all of the artwork arrives today, we can get that up too…but I think that’s a long shot. Ah well, it should arrive any day now!

The rest of the weekend will be focused on the bathroom. I have Monday off as well (using up those vacation days), so if we REALLY work hard, we MIGHT be done by then. But, even if that's not the case it will be close. On the agenda for the bathroom by the end of this weekend:
  • Lay floor tile (Billy is working on this today, bless his little tiling heart)
  • Fix plumbing (roughed in) so we can install toilet, sink and shower
  • Grout all tile
  • Paint touchups around shower surround
  • Put up trim
  • Paint wainscoting and trim
And if we do end up with the plumbing sorted, then we can actually finish everything else too (install toilet, vanity, cabinet, etc.)!

We'll see how it goes...but a month of no shower in our home is getting a little less than fun for this pregnant woman. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Don and Norine for letting us frequent your showers, ha ha!! I am beyond excited to have one at home, in our pretty new bathroom!!!!

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