Friday, 11 March 2011

March/April Lonny is out!

A while ago a new online magazine was launched called Lonny, which was designed to fill the void for all of us who are still weeping over the discontinuation of Domino and Blueprint. (Will they EVER return?)

But, although that sadness will never go away, Lonny has done a great job and is lovely! I thought I'd mention it since the March/April issue has just been released:


Lonny has amazing interiors with tons of great designer tips throughout. I love these ones from this issue:



They also always have a great recipe or two like the one below, and really cute little articles like this "How to dress like a Parisian". Love it!



All images via Lonny

Hop over to Lonny if you're interest, and they're on Twitter so you can know right away as soon as the next issue it out!

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