Wednesday, 9 March 2011


For some reason, I hate 99.9% of baby mobiles. They are cheesy, and they seem to be geared specifically to the people in the room who are not laying down in a crib facing doesn't see anything cool! I've scoured etsy, amazon, all of the baby luck. But, I finally found something PERFECT and it's officially on route to Baby D's nursery!

Wee Gallery is a really cool shop that offers cute, high contrast art cards that can be attached to a mobile. You can face them out to please everyone, but more importantly you can face the cards down so that baby sees them all! And because babies see black and white best at first, I thought this was the best option out there.

These are the cards we picked:

jungleartcards jungle-cards

And this is the mobile that they have:


They tell you on the website how you can face the cards down so that baby gets the best view. Can't wait to get this set up for him!!!


  1. Age,
    These cards are fantastic! I picked some up at Chapters when Madelyn was born and used to display them around her floor gym and in her bassinet and she would stare at them and smile. I never thought of using them for a mobile though, that's a great idea. I'm sure your baby boy will love them!

  2. Oh yay I'm so glad to know that babies actually like them!!!!


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