Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Nursery Shopping - Done!

Well, we officially have EVERYTHING for the nursery. Last night Billy, my Mom and I made our last run to Ikea, where we picked up the side table, curtains, picture frames, and other little bits and pieces that were left on the list. We also made a stop at BabyWorld, which was totally disappointing. They are pretty much an over-priced Sears...generic boring cribs that were all $1000 plus. No thanks!!

After we got home from our shopping trip my Mom ordered us our crib!!! After much internet searching, I found a Canadian retailer called Lusso Baby who was willing to ship it for free, and they ship within 2 business days (unlike the 6-8 weeks I kept being told from other places).

So we will have a bit of a bare spot where the crib should go until it arrives, but because it's the exact one we want, it's totally worth the wait!!!! Sooooo excited!!

1 comment:

  1. ....HAHA...."our last run to Ikea"......like we're never going back?


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