Tuesday, 26 April 2011

When things aren't crazy...

...I'm working on a list of things I can do when I'm beyond bored of being home.

Yes, I know, I know, having a little baby will keep me VERY busy....believe me when I say I don't underestimate this. But, anyone who knows me knows that ANY down time at all pretty much kills me. Yesterday, when I had every intention of spending the day doing nothing...I put together the stroller, washed and ironed our bedroom curtains, touched up paint around the house...the list goes on.

I simply have to be busy, it's just me. So, luckily, most of the time I wiill be good and occupied with my little buddy. But, for any time when I'm not, I need a go-to list of ideas that I can do with the baby, while he sleeps, etc. Share some ideas if you have some!
  • Go to Mom & Tot swim at Sir Allen MacNab (sooo excited for this)
  • Read more of the best books of all time starting with this one
  • Go to the library around the corner from our house (frequently, ha ha)
  • Look for new music, take he same old songs off my iPod once and for all
  • Get around to making our wedding album (yes, haven't....I know, shame on me)
  • Figure out Linkdn and set up an account in preparation for back-to-work time
  • Maybe give the Baby Storytime at the Central Library a try
  • Catch up on shows that I'm behind on (Dexter, Parenthood, Friday Night Lights, a few others...)
  • Go to the market for our produce, cheese, and baked goods....it's all so yummy and cheap!
  • Try, for the 7th year in a row, to learn and begin to like gardening
  • Organize and re-organize every room in our house (I'm guessing this will be done next week, ha ha)
  • Plan our master bedroom facelift (next big project on my list)
  • Go for at least one hike as a family (Billy hates hiking, ha ha)
  • Take baby over to Katie's to play with the kids
  • Go down to the Pier on nice days
  • Try several new recipes, maybe a new one a week if I'm feeling ambitious
  • Work out every day (I used to be really, really good at this!)


  1. I took E to baby signing classes... makes life a little bit easier when they can communicate before they actually can use vocabulary. They do understand a lot before they can actually use words!

    Also, look up your local Ontario Early Years Center. They have different programs that they run, as well as drop-in play times. E and I spent a lot of time at ours. We went to baby art class and baby Mother Goose. It was so much fun! It is great resource for baby development for a new mom and meeting other moms with babies the same age.

  2. Age, you're supposed to "sleep when the baby sleeps"!!! LOL!!! :)


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