Monday, 6 June 2011

Benjamin’s Monthly Photo - One Month

How is it possible that Ben is a MONTH old already? I know, I know, soon enough I'll be saying 'How is he already 5, or 16' or every age there is. But still, a month!


My little man is doing so well. He's learning how to have naps (on his own!) during the day, he's sleeping through good chunks of the night, 3, sometimes 4 hours at a time. He's growing, gaining weight...becoming more alert every day.

I have learned so, so much in this past month, about being a mom, the importance of family and great's been the best month ever. Definitely hard at times, but worth every second. Watching him take life in...focus his little eyes in on me and Billy...sleep so soundly. He's the sweetest little baby in the world.



  1. Sucky lil guy!

    Love you all <3

  2. OMG that face!!! So cute!!! I need to get some Ben time in soon!!!

  3. I am so proud of him....he's a lovely baby. And of you, you are a natural Mom. Your Grandma said the same to me yesterday.

  4. Just love all his faces!! Love his one month birthday picture :) You and Billy are doing great with him!

  5. He has great expressions doesn't he, Norine!! One time I see all billy in him, the next time adriane....he has the best of both of them.

  6. He really does... I love watching him!!


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