Friday, 8 July 2011

Friday at the Pier

Today was SUCH a nice day. My lovely friend Emma and I started the day this morning at the mall, where we enjoyed iced drinks and bagels, and ended the day down at the Pier. It was really hot, but in the shade it was so breezy and cool! Benjamin loved every minute of it.

8Jul11 (54)2

8Jul11 (51)2

Nursing in 'public' for the first time...not too bad!

8Jul11 (47)2

8Jul11 (50)2

Such pretty views! If only we had a sailboat...

8Jul11 (52)2

Some of the geese were a little overzealous...Emma and I moved to different benches several times, ha ha.

8Jul11 (56)2

Sweet Ben...the perfect outing companion.

8Jul11 (57)2

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! xo

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