Friday, 22 July 2011


Friday is finally here! Hopefully we'll be able to get some releif from this heat wave this weekend, my my it's been hot!! Wehave been camped out in our basement since we have no central air....and luckily Ben's room has an air conditioner (thanks Grandpa!) so it's lovely in there too.

Today I'm off to meet Rach for a day of girly meandering downtown, we're thinking the market, a yummy lunch, and perhaps a stroll down James where there is an AMAZING art store that I want to take her too (heat permitting of course!).

Tomorrow we will be seeing our amazing friends Corinne and Kris, and I don't thik I've ever been as excited to see them!!! Benjamin misses his aunt and uncle terribly too :)

Sunday I MAY just drag Billy to Home Depot so I can get started on my next home project. After all, I have been projectless for about 3 days now! Ah!!! The next one is a doozy, so I'll have to learn some form of patience. Drat.

I leave you with some amazing home eye candy to enjoy. If you lived alone in a house with no kids, pets, food, etc. and never walked around or breathed on anything...this all white home would be to die for.

Hemma bäst

Hemma bäst2

Hemma bäst3

Hemma bäst4

Hemma bäst5

Hemma bäst6


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