Saturday, 2 July 2011

How cute! Chevron duvet cover.

These days I'm working a lot on the plan for our master bedroom makeover. It's going to be low key (read: cheap) so there won't be any astonishing changes...but I'm hoping to make it look cool with a VERY low budget. A big part of that is due to my bed frame buyer's remorse (I get this a lot, anyone else?) so I have to work with it until I'm ready to do what I want with it. That's another project for another day...

Anyway, bed linens are always such an easy way to make a room look better. I have a bit of a duvet cover obsession, I literally can't leave Ikea without one...but I think I could add one more to our collection. Isn't this so cute?


I can't decide if I want to go for something like that, or stripes. Stripes would be cute too.


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